Biophysics & Environmental Physics Lab

Biophysics & Environmental Physics Lab.

This research laboratory is chaired by Drs. P.J. Patty, M.Sc., Ph.D and under close collaboration with Dra. S. C. Wattimena, M.Sc., Ph.D.



[1]. Articles:

  1. Studies of Vesicle Extrusion. B. J. Frisken, C. Asman, and P.J. Patty. Langmuir 16:928 – 933. 2000
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  3. CTP:Phosphocholine Cytidylyltransferase Binds Anionic Phospholipid Vesicles in a Cross-Bridging Mode. Svetla G. Taneva, Philipus J. Patty, Barbara J. Frisken, and Rosemary B. Cornell. Biochemistry 44: 9382 – 9393. 2005.
  4. Direct determination of the number-weighted mean radius and polydispersity from dynamic light-scattering data. Philipus J. Patty and Barbara J. Frisken. Applied Optics 45: 2209 – 2216. 2006.
  5. Ergosterol in POPC Membranes: Physical Properties and Comparison with Structurally Similar Sterols. Ya-Wei Hsueh, Mei-Ting Chen, Philipus J. Patty, Christian Code, John Cheng, Barbara J. Frisken, Martin Zuckermann, and Jenifer Thewalt. Biophysical Journal 92: 1606 –  1615. 2007.
  6. Mechanically interlocked gold and silver nanoparticles using metallosupramolecular catenane chemistry. Carl A. Otter, Philipus J. Patty, Martin A. K. Williams, Mark R. Waterland, and Shane G. Telfer. Nanoscale 3: 941 944. 2011.
  7. Strereoselective aggregation of chiral complexes with threefold symmetric pendant carboxyl groups: an example of “perfect” self-assembly not seen in the crystalline state? Janina Fischer,   Jeremy D. Hall, Philipus J. PattyMartin A. K. Williams,   Mark R. Waterland and  Shane G. Telfer. RSC Advances 3: 12648 – 12654. 2013

[2]. BOOKS

  1. A Practical Review of Microrheological Techniques. Bradley W. Mansel, Stephen Keen, Philipus J. Patty, Yacine Hemar and Martin A.K. Williams. Chapter 1 in Rheology – New Concepts, Applications and Methods. Edited by Rajkumar Durairaj, ISBN 978-953-51-0953-2, 114 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published February 13, 2013 under CC BY 3.0 license