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Lecture on Geotechnics (Prof. Genske)



Physics Monthly Seminar

Physics Monthly Seminar Mei Final



  • Speaker : Drs. Philipus J. Patty, M.Sc., Ph.D
  • Venue:  Ruang MM Lt.3 Gd. Bioteknologi
  • Time: 11.00 am


The Biological Significance of Plasma Membrane Physical Properties


Plasma membrane can be considered as a protector surrounding materials inside a biology cell from the outsiders. The backbone of the plasma membrane is a lipid bilayer. The lipid bilayer composes of various lipid molecules, and every single molecule owns their unique physical properties. The interaction among various lipid molecules and between the molecules and their aqueous environment determines the physical behaviour of lipid molecules in membrane. Some important physical behaviours are: fluidity of the membrane, permeability of the membrane, and mechanical strength of the membrane. In this talk, I will describe what biological meanings of these physical behaviours of the plasma membranes.

Undangan Kegiatan Workshop Occupational Health and Safety In Laboratory

leaflet Safety Lab -s

Call for Papers 1st ICFP-IMAs 2017 : International Conference on Frontier Physics and Its Multitasking Applications

The Aim of this 1st International Conference on Frontier Physics and

Its Multitasking Applications (1st ICFP-IMAs 2017)

November 14-17th November 2017 host at Pattimura University,

Ambon, Indonesia

is to develop the advancement of science and technology particularly in Frontier Physics and its multitasking impacts in various applications. Maluku as the Indonesia marine center especially related to the development of science and technology directly supported based on her criteria which is rich in God laboratories (natural laboratories Not created by man) for example the number of 1740 unique small islands spreading from her north part to the south east part, and a variety of ocean living creatures due to her position on earth as the heart of coral reef triangle area in the world. Therefore, frontier physics which involves simple, smart and attractive economic impacts in this sophisticated century of 21st can contribute to enhance the improvement of human life and social communication effectively so that people in this world can leave in peace and respect one another due to the truth knowledge that actually has time and space independent.

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