Hendry Izaac Elim

Hendry Izaac Elim, S.Si, M.Si, Ph.D


My Short Academic Background: I graduated from Gadjah Mada University in the Department of Physics in 1995, and then worked as a lecturer at Pattimura University. I then continued my M.Sc in Physics at Bandung Institute of Technology and graduated in 1999. Two years later, I got a NUS research scholarship for pursuing a Ph.D degree in Physics and completed it at the end of 2005. As I eager to pursue my research career, I then worked as a postdoctoral researcher at NUS, Singapore from 2006 to 2007, and then continued it at Tohoku university, Japan from 2007 to 2012. In May 2012, I went back and did a job as a lecturer at Pattimura university, and leaved it in the end of November 2012. In February 2013, I joined Surya university, Indonesia and worked as a research scientist and lecturer for 3 months and then moved to STKIP Surya at Physics Education department in May 2013 until May 2014. Currently, I am working as the head of N4PN Lab., Phys. Dept., as well as PPNRI-LPPM Pattimura univ., Ambon, Indonesia. My research experiences as referee in International journals as follows: About over 40 International published papers, plus few research conference papers as well as many (over 200 books) unpublished works about Bible in Sciences. As referees both in International journals such as Chemical Physics Letters, Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines, Materials Sciences and Applications, Journal of Applied Chystallography, and Materials Research Bulletin (during 2011 -2013). ITB Journal (about theoretical physics), (in 2014). Another international journals (2014 – now: for example: Optical engineering (a SPIE Journal)).
 A small token as a reviewer at SPIE-OE Journal, 28-3-2016
Research Interest: 21st Century Nanotechnology
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Research & Social Contributions

[1]. Head of Lab. N4PN

[2]. Chairman of PPNRI-LPPM

[3]. Member of PUI Rempah

[4].  Chief Editor of JAMFAS

[5]. TP Lab.’s Group Leader


Social Activities:
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Our Motto:

From Gentle & Humble Research (G&HR) to Creative Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CI&E)

Know Me, Know Jesus (Ref.: Mark 9:36-37, Holy Bible)


[1]. Z 8 Wisdom of God, Phili. 4:7-8.

[3]. Z How Sound & Light are being interacting. Students Work, God explains


God is A Mystery Quantum Physics:
[0]. My B.Sc Thesis:
Boundary effects in QM: A Comparison method between Gabriel Barton @Am. J. Phys, 1990 with I, Confluent Hypergeometric (CH) Exact Method
[1]. An Introduction:
Z God !  My B.Sc Thesis, 12 july 1995

[2]. Intro. of QM,:   Hendry I Elim, 1997-Fisika Kuantum

My Ph.D Thesis:
Nonlinear Optics in New Nanomaterials

Happy Christmas Gift:  God in Physics

Ref.: St. Elim Heaven, God is in Control, Jesus, The Decision Maker, p.6, In Preparation (2015).

Ref.: St. Elim Heaven, God is in Control, Jesus, The Decision Maker, p.31, In Preparation (2015).


From useless to BEST: Working like with GOD


Building Science and Technology through the Building of Human Integrity (A Plenary Talk on 13rd Nov. 2015 at Natsepa Hotel, Ambon, Indonesia): NOT ONLY Science of knowledge, BUT ALSO Human Characters

The Kingdom of GOD is like children who came to visit Jesus House. God and His 9 Children, 9 Characters of The Spirit of God. Gal. 5:22-23.
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Total sum of all published papers’s impact factors (for example: Adv. Mater.’s IF ~ 17  & JACS’s IF~ 12.11 in 2015) is 141.46.

Earth was made 11.73 billions year after universe was created by GOD called as Dio Spirito (Gen. 1:2-3; John 14:17,26; He did it by using Water, 2 Pet. 3:5).

Chief Editor of JAMFAS (coming soon!).


My Research Students:

The following graduated students are My 1st full time research students:

1. Elfira M. Ferdinandus, (NIM: 2010-77-021) B.Sc, graduated on 27th August 2015.

2. Heny Nikijuluw, (NIM: 2010-77-039) B.Sc graduated on 27th August 2015.

3. Zainal Sariwon, (NIM: 2010-77-022) B.Sc graduated on 27th August 2015.

4. Nadiyatul Khairiyah Latukau, (NIM: 2010-77-024) B.Sc graduated on 27th August 2015.

5. Siti Desiana Hurasan, (NIM: 2010-77-020) B.Sc graduated on 27th August 2015.

Here are the graduated research students who were supervised by Me as their 2nd supervisor:

1. Eliyas Andreas, (NIM: 2010-77-012) B.Sc graduated on 27th August 2015.

2. Diana Wuritimur, (NIM: 2010-77-007) B.Sc graduated on 27th August 2015.

3. Priscilya Waas (NIM. 2011-77-046, Graduated on 5th Nov. 2015)

My Current Research Students:

[1]. Working in Superfibers and Devices:

1. Vico Leunufna (NIM. 2011-77-034) graduated in 2016.

2. James Hematang (NIM. 2011-77-057) graduated in 2016.

[2]. Working on Biomemrane from natural wastes:

1. Murniati Ode (NIM. 2011-77-003)

2. NisyeSilvia Parera (NIM. 2011-77-007)

3. Meggie S.P. Talanila (NIM. 2011-061)

4. Ruth Kelmaskosu (NIM. 2011-77-032)


Our publications: 

[1]. H.I. Elim, et al., A novel simple technique to study Mie scattering imaging with photon counts of nanohybrid polymer materials, Information About AMR Journal (withdrawn from The QiR 14th Committees).

[2]. H.I. Elim, Marine Waste Simple Technology DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3520.9125 (2015).

[3]. H.I. Elim, et. al., Simple Technology to Develop Marine Wastes: from a Prototype to a Large Scale Industry, Proceeding of 1st International Conference on Applied Marine Science and Fisheries Technology (MSFT), Tual, Maluku (18-21 August 2015). pp.40-45.

[4]. H.I. Elim, Man best works versus God-hand made works (unpublished) DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.1494.2881 (2015)

[5]. H.I. Elim, Fabrication of Novel Fibers from Rejected Ocean Materials and Their Potential Applications (Invited talk) International Seminar of Basic Science, entitled as “Basic Science for Sustainable Marine Development”, 3rd June 2015, FMIPA, Pattimura Univ., Indonesia (2015).

[6]. Hendry izaac Elim, 21-27-FMIPA 17th International Conference Proceeding.

[7]. E. Heaven, et al., JESE B 4, pp. 620-623 (2015).


Our social services: Pengalaman Pengabdian/Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (10 tahun terakhir)

[1]. Ceramah dan peragaan Teknologi sederhana untuk pembuatan fiber-fiber inovatif Jurusan Fisika, FMIPA, UNPATTI Oktober 2014

[2]. Ceramah dan demonstrasi penggunaan teknologi sederhana untuk nanoteknologi SMA N. 2, Suli, Ambon November 2014

[3]. Ceramah seminar sehari tentang aplikasi nanoteknologi sederhana di kehutanan Jurusan Kehutanan, Fak. Pertanian, UNPATTI 15 Desember 2014

[4]. Ceramah tentang cara mengerjakan paper berkulitas internasional FKIP, UNPATTI, Ambon 19 Desember 2014 [5]. Ceramah dan demonstrasi cara penggunaan iptek sederhana untuk nanoteknologi SMK Pertanian, Murnaten, Seram Barat, Maluku Januari 2015

[6]. Sebagai volunteer pengajar English Course pada American Corner, UNPATTI American Corner, Pattimura University 2014- Now.

[7]. Physics for Fun, SMP Negeri 6, West Seram, 26th February 2016 at 18th FMIPA Dies Natalis.


Hot Wisdom and Knowledge Talk:

[1]. A Far Distant Lecture: A Promotion on 27th Oct. 2015. Sorry to inform you that My talk had been cancelled due to something outside the knowledge of man. We loved our enemies for their salvation to eternal life.

[2]. Building Science and Technology through the Building of Human Integrity (A Plenary Talk on 13rd Nov. 2015 at Natsepa Hotel, Ambon, Indonesia)

[3]. Nanotechnology: Key to National Development, Nigeria on 4-7 July 2016 (As An Invited speaker)

Coming talk-Nanotech-K to Natl Deveop.Nigeria Univ., 4-7 July 2016

NEW (PPNRI) URL: http://lppm.unpatti.ac.id/pusat-pnri/

Head of PPNRI, Pattimura University since 24th April 2015: Dr. H.I. Elim.

Our Achievement in the first 4 years is as follows:

List of the Last 4 Years (2015 – 2018) Publications:

In 2015:

[1]. Hendry Izaac Elim (Elim Heaven), Ronaldo Talapessy, Rafael Martinus Osok, Sawia, and Eliyas Andreas, From Rubbish to a Large Scale Industry: A Simple Fabrication of Superfiber with Multitasking Applications, Journal of Environmental Science and Engineering B 4 (2015) 620-623. doi:10.17265/2162-5263/2015.11.007.


In 2016:

[2].  H.I. Elim, R. Talapessy, and N.A.B.R. Sari, WATER CONTAMINATED CaCO3 AND ITS OPTICAL PROCESS OF AGGREGATION, International Journal of  Health  Medicine and Current Research, (IJHMCR) 1 (01), 102-108 (2016). DOI: 10.22301/IJHMCR.2528-3189.102

[3].  H.I. Elim. Y.W. Zhu, and C.H. Sow, Length Dependence of Ultrafast Optical Nonlinear in Vertically Aligned Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Films,  J. Phys. Chem. C 120(31), 17733-17738 (2016).


In 2017:
[4]. H.I. Elim, Nanomedicine with Its Multitasking Applications: A View for Better Health IJHMCR 2 (02), 353-357 (2017).

[5]. H.I. Elim, Physics of Multitasking Nanomedicine, IJHMCR (http://www.ijhmcr.com) 2 (03), 509-519 (2017).

[6]. H.I. Elim, P. Nanlohy, R. Lalita, N. Sahartira2, H. Silawane, and A.S. Atmadipoera, Typical Character in the South of Banda Sea Based on Thickness and Variability in the Upper Limit Thermocline Area and Its Relationship with Sound Velocity, International Journal of Health Medicine and Current Research 2(4), pp. 641-645 (2017).

[7]. P. Nanlohy, N.S. Hehanussa,  A. S. Atmadipoera, I.W. Nurjaya, and H..I. Elim, A unique cyclonic and anti-cyclonic eddies current character in Banda sea, International Journal of Health Medicine and Current Research 2(4), pp. 600-604 (2017).


In 2018:

[8]. H.I. Elim, and A.L. Mapanawang, THE ATTRACTIVE DIFFERENCES OF TWO TYPES OF HERBAL MEDICINE FROM ZINGIBERACEAE FRUIT (GOLOBE HALMAHERA), International Journal of Health Medicine and Current Research 3 (01), 799-806 (2018).

[9]. A.L. Mapanawang, and H.I. Elim, Chemical Bonding Character of Love Herbal Medicine, Journal of Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology Vol. 9, Issue April, p. 63 (2018). (Publications of Abstract and Biography only)

[10]. H.I. Elim, and A.L. Mapanawang, Electronics Physical System of Large Antioxidant Structure in Herbal Medicine based Zingiberaceae Fruit: Understanding and Application, Journal of Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology Vol. 9, Issue April, p. 65 (2018). (Publications of Abstract and Biography only)

[11]. A.L. Mapanawang, and H.I. Elim, Chemical Bonding Character of Love Herbal Medicine: A Prominent Medicine Candidate for Preventing HIV virus, International Journal of Nano Research and applications Vol. 1, Issue April, (2018). In Press.

[12].  H.I. Elim, and A.L. Mapanawang, Electronics Physical System of Large Antioxidant Structure in Herbal Medicine based Zingiberaceae Fruit: Understanding and Application, International Journal of NanoResearch and applications Vol. 1, Issue April, (2018). In Press.

[13]. A.L. Mapanawang, and H.I. Elim, Unique Chemical Bonding Behavior of Love Herbal Medicine and Its Conjunction with Chemotherapy Drug,  (2018). Accepted in Journal of Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology Vol. 9, 1000503 (2018) . DOI: 10.4172/2157-7439.1000503

[14]. D. Darbara, M.R. Anilkumard, V. Rajagopalanb, I. Bhattacharya, H.I. Elim, T. Ramakrishnappaf, F.I. Ezema, R. Jose, M.V. Reddy, Studies on spinel cobaltites, MCo2O4 (M = Mn, Zn, Fe, Ni and Co) and their functional properties, Ceramics International 44 (2018) 4630–4639 (2018).

[15]. Hendry Izaac Elim, Scientific Breakthrough Based On Natural Creation: “1 Diamond with 7 Eyes”, COJ Reviews & Research Vol. 1, Issue 1, p. 1-3 (2018).

[16]. Hendry I Elim, Pieldrie Nanlohy, Nasrin Silawane, I Wayan Nurjaya, and Agus S Atmadipoera, Sound Velocity Properties due to Salinity, Temperature and Depth of The Whole Banda Sea: A Marvelous Thing of The ~318 Meter Surface of Deep Sea,  Adv Theo Comp Phy, Vol. 1, Issue 1, pp.1-5 (2018).


Quest Lectures and Invited International Talks:

[1]. 1st Guest lecture of Dr. Elim (Tuesday, 19 April 2011, 13:40 WIB – 15:20 WIB) on URL: http://ee.fast.uph.edu/seminars/past-events/44.html

Engineering Nanohybrid Polymer for Photonics: Challenges and Opportunities

How to engineer nanoparticles hosted by polymer for advanced materials for photonic applications? What are prospective applications of such materials? Come and listen directly from a scientist from Tohoku University.

The graduate and the undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering, University of Pelita Harapan would like to kindly invite you for the following guest telelecture session:

Topic : Engineering Nanohybrid Polymer for Photonics:
Challenges and Opportunities
Guest Lecturer : Dr. Hendry I. Elim
Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials,
Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
Date/Time : Tuesday, 19 April 2011, 13:40 WIB – 15:20 WIB
Venue : Room B-547, B-Building, UPH Karawaci Campus, Tangerang

This guest telelecture session is open and free for public.  For further information and registration, please contact mte ( dot ) seminar ( di ) staff ( dot ) uph ( dot ) ( edu ) by sending e-mail containing your name, mobile phone number, address, and affiliation. Due to our limited classroom capacity, please register before coming.


 Engineering nanohybrid polymer for photonics with emphasis on challenges in materials and opportunities will be discussed in this talk. Size- and concentration-dependent of nanoparticles and its Rayleigh scattering properties are the main point in preparing high quality and high refractive index nanohybrid polymer materials. Transparent TiO2 nanohybrid polymer is a very important material in photonics applications. Here, I will explain some simple techniques to prepare such photonics materials, and utilize Rayleigh scattering technique measured at different wavelengths to estimate the size of the nanoparticle and determine the number of nanoparticles per unit volume or particle density. Finally, the applications of these nanohybrid polymer materials especially related to the fabrication of double layer anti-reflective coating and multilayer optical interference filter will be presented.


[2]. Membangun Jiwa Relawan di Tanah Pattimura

URL: https://www.jurnalindonesia.org/membangun-jiwa-relawan-di-tanah-pattimura/

Note of Dr. H.I. Elim, diskusi panel terkait pengenalan RJI kepada para relawan jurnal di daerah, diskusi panel ini dipimpin oleh Sekretaris 2 yaitu Bapak Yohanes Parihala, Hendry Izaac Elim, S.Si, M.Si., Ph. D dan Kang Busro (sekretaris RJI pusat). Selama diskusi Pak Elim sapaan hangat beliau menyampaikan tentang criteria tulisan.


[3]. FEBRUARY 27, 2018 BY ADMIN

Kuliah Tamu (Guest lecture) at University of Indonesia
Dr. Hendry Izaac Elim Photonics Nanotechnology Laboratory, Physics Department – FMIPA Univ.Pattimura

URL: http://www.metal.ui.ac.id/index.php/kuliah-tamu-dr-hendri-izaac-elim-photonics-nanotechnology-laboratory-physics-department-fmipa-univ-pattimura/

Topics: “Nanotechnology with Multitasking Frontier Physics”


1st Invited Talk Overseas at Pharma Nano 2018 in Las Vegas, USA On 18th to 19th April 2018

URL: https://www.conferenceseries.com/photo-gallery/nano-medicine-usa-2018

Or URL: https://www.conferenceseries.com/photo-gallery/nano-medicine-usa-2018


[4]. Coming Distinguished Speaker on 20th to 21st March 2019 in New York at Pharma Nano 2019 URL: https://nanomedicine.pharmaceuticalconferences.com/usa/


We come to CONTRIBUTE, NOT To ASK People.

In the eyes of part of Indonesian Students (4 examples):

[1]http://ascregenoelmo.blogspot.co.id/p/1.html or



[1]. http://www.nanowerk.com/

[2]. In Progress

Address and contact number:
Hendry Izaac Elim, Ph.D (St. Elim Heaven)

Lecturer of Physics Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Pattimura University.

Jl. Ir. M. Putuhena, Poka, Ambon 97233
Indonesia. HP. +62-81218648472