Research Profile: Philipus J. Patty, Ph.D

My area of research: BIOPHYSICS

My research focuses on the physical properties of biomaterials. We use materials such as lipids and carbohydrate to produce biomaterials, which can be used for many applications, and we study the physical properties of those biomaterials.

  • We use variety of lipids to produce vesicles, which can be used as nano carriers and as a prototype for a cell.
  • We use different kinds of plant materials, including leafs, fruits, seeds, and fruit skins, from variety of local plants as mediators to produce metal nanoparticles, and try to classify which materials are “good” for metal nanoparticles. For the purposes of using metal nanoparticles in many applications, we make the powders of the particles. With our collaborators from Biology Department of Pattimura University, we also study the antimicrobial and antifungal properties of metal nanoparticles.
  • We use starch of variety of local plants to produce bioplastics, from which we study its physical properties.
  • We study models of artificial sensory transduction of auditory systems


  • Synodalia C. Wattimena, Ph.D, Departemen Biologi Universitas Pattimura Ambon, Indonesia (Working on the application of nanoparticles on some biological cases)
  • Victor Phoa, M.Cs, Departemen Teknologi Informasi, Politeknik Negeri Jember, Indonesia (Working on Artificial sensory Transduction)

Publications (Articles):

  • Philipus J. Patty and Synodalia C. Wattimena. 2017. Lipid Vesicles: Physical Properties and Application as Nanocarriers in Drug Delivery Systems.  International Journal of Health Medicine and Current Research 2(4):716-722 (Review Article)
  • Synodalia C. Wattimena and Philipus J. Patty. 2017. Antibacterial Properties of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Leaf Extract of Anredera Cordifolia as a Reducing Agent. World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 6(12):1673-1683.
  • Synodalia C. Wattimena and Philipus J. Patty. 2017. Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Mediated by Stem Extract of Anredera cordifolia and Study of their Antimicrobial Properties. The Pharmaceutical and Chemical Journal 4(5):129-136
  • Janina Fischer, Jeremy D. Hall, Philipus J. Patty,  Martin A. K. Williams, Mark R. Waterlanda andShane G. Telfer. 2013. Stereoselective Aggregation of Chiral Complexes with Threefold Symmetric Pendant Carboxyl Groups: An Example of “Perfect” Self-Assembly Not Seen in the Crystalline State? . RSC Adv 3:12648-12654.
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  • Ya-Wei Hsueh, Mei-Ting Chen, Philipus J. Patty, Christian Code, John Cheng, Barbara J. Frisken, Martin Zuckermann, and Jenifer Thewalt. 2007.  Ergosterol in POPC Membranes: Physical Properties and Comparison with Structurally Similar Sterols.  Biophysical Journal 92:1606-1615.
  • Philipus J. Patty and Barbara J. Frisken . 2006. Direct determination of the number-weighted mean radius and polydispersity from dynamic light-scattering data. Applied Optics 45:2209-2216.
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  • Philipus J. Patty and Barbara J. Frisken. 2003. The Pressure-Dependence of the Size of Extruded Vesicles. Biophysical Journal 85:996-1004.
  • Barbara J. Frisken, Charles Asman, and Philipus J. Patty. 2000. Studies of Vesicle Extrusion. Langmuir 16:928-933.

Publications (books):

  • Rheology – New Concepts, Applications and Methods.  Edited by Rajkumar Durairaj. 2013. In Tech. Chapter 1: A Practical Review of Microbiological Techniques, by: Bradley W. Mansel, Stephen Keen, Philipus J. Patty, Yacine Hemar and Martin A.K. Williams
  • Fisika Modern, Philipus J. Patty. Coming very soon.


  • The 1st International Conference on Frontier Physics and Multitasking Application. Invited Speaker: “Lipid Vesicles: Physical Properties and Application As Nanocarriers in Drug Delivery Systems” .  Ambon, Indonesia 16 – 18 November 2017
  • The 1st International Conference on Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science. Presenter: “Analysis of Heating and Cooling Rate of Frying Oils Made From Palm Tree”. Balikpapan, Indonesia 19 – 21 October 2017
  • The 6th Annual Basic Science International Conference. Presenter: “Dynamic Light Scattering Characterization of Extruded Lipid Vesicles Produced by Different Sizes of Pores in PCTE Membrane”. Malang, Indonesia 2 – 3 March 2016
  • Annual Meeting of Canadian Association of Physicists. Presenter: “Breakup of Multilamellar Vesicles in Cylindrical Pores Under an External Pressure”. Vancouver, British Columbia -Canada 5 – 8 June 2005
  • The 49th Biophysical Society Meeting. Presenter: “The Influence of the Pore Size Distribution on Vesicles Produced by Extrusion”. Long Beach, California, USA 12 – 16 February 2005.
  • Liposome Conference. Presenter: “Lysis Tension of Lipid Vesicles Made from Mixture of  POPC:Cholesterol and POPC:Ergosterol”. Hamilton, Canada.
  • The 45th Biophysical Society Meeting. Participant. Boston, Massachusetts, USA 17 – 21 February 2001
  • The 44th Biophysical Society Meeting. Presenter: “Extrusion Studies of Lipid Vesicles”.  New Orleans Louisiana, USA 12 – 16 February 2000